Small parcel and freight shipments

Depending on the item(s) in your order, your order may be shipped in multiple parcels and/or carriers. Freight carriers will be used for larger, heavier items. Small parcel carriers such as USPS, Fedex and UPS will be used for smaller, lighter items. All shipments from Source One Beauty will be insured. In order to make a shipping insurance claim for damaged items, we need to be notified within 24 hours of original delivery.

If your order contains multiple items, your order may arrive in multiple shipments. Our items are shipped from various locations throughout the country and we cannot guaranty that your entire order will ship at the same time, from the same location.


Please inspect all deliveries upon receipt. If there is visible damage on the box(es) being delivered, you may choose to refuse the delivery. Upon receipt, please open and inspect all packages for damage. It is important that you report any physical damage caused by the shipping company within 24 hours to Source One Beauty. You are encouraged to take pictures and/or videos to validate your claim. We will make every effort to provide a replacement of the damaged item while the claim is being processed through the carrier's insurance. However, if we are not notified of damages within 24 hours of delivery, we cannot guaranty the damage claim will be covered by the carrier's insurance. Therefore, the customer would need to purchase a replacement while we attempt to recover the amount paid for the original item(s). Upon successful recovery, we will issue a refund for the original purchase.


Appointment & Notification:

Once your shipment reaches a terminal in your area, the carrier (Trucking Company) will call you to set up a delivery appointment. They usually call the day before the delivery date.

Lift Gate & Curbside Delivery:

Your item is shipping via motor freight. A “ Lift Gate” is the service performed when the driver unloads your shipment from the truck bed and lowers it down to the curbside level. He will only be performing delivery to the curbside.

The driver will perform no ‘inside delivery’ or setup. These types of services incur an additional charge and need to be requested in advance. If you ask the driver to perform an additional service, you bear responsibility for any charges incurred for that service. Moreover, you accept liability for any damage to the merchandise resulting from such additional services.

Therefore, you may wish to arrange for additional help in advance when you are notified of your delivery date. You will be responsible for opening the package and safely transferring the item(s) inside and performing any setup service that may be needed.

Inspect for Damages:

It is extremely important that you check your shipment as soon as it is lowered to the curbside. Be sure to check each box for dents, creases, holes, crushed corners, gouges, etc. Please make sure any shipping damage is well noted on the delivery receipt by the person receiving the delivery. This is crucial because the delivery receipt you are given to sign states you accept the delivery “as is”. You may also wish to take some pictures of the damage for additional proof.


The driver will not mark it for you. The delivery receipt with notations will be the only proof that your shipment arrived damaged.

If you or the person whom you trust to inspect the merchandise before signing fails to note any visible damages Source One Beauty will not be able to replace that merchandise for you without cost.

When to Refuse:

If the package(s) is/are badly damaged and there are clear signs of mishandling, please check the contents and take pictures of the shipment. If there are large holes in the package(s), the package(s) is/are upside down, or they are not attached to the pallet, you may REFUSE the delivery. If a shipment is refused, please contact Source One Beauty immediately to open a claim and have your item replaced.

Concealed Damage:

If you open a package that shows no exterior damage but the contents are damaged in some way, please contact Source One Beauty right away. We require pictures of both the damaged item and the box it came in. Please inspect all contents within 24 hours of delivery and do not dispose of any boxes until all items are inspected and tested.

All returns must come in original boxes with all packing materials.

Box Count:

If your shipment contains multiple items, please check that you have the same number of boxes as the delivery company’s box count reflected on the paperwork. If you’re unsure of how many boxes to expect or there is a discrepancy in the box count, please call Source One Beauty.

Inside Delivery:
When inside delivery is requested, the driver will bring the pallet inside the FIRST door only if the pallet fits through the opening. He will NOT take the box off the pallet and bring it inside. Additionally, he will NOT take it up or down any stairs. Inside delivery will only be possible in locations with no stairs or with freight elevator access.

White Glove Delivery:
When "White Glove" delivery is requested, the driver and his assistant will bring the packages into your desired room, unpack everything and dispose of the packaging materials. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all parts and items are present before the driver disposes of any materials. Before signing anything, you should double check that everything you ordered was delivered, all parts and accessories are present and everything works properly. If you sign for the delivery and later find that something is missing or damaged, the delivery company cannot be held liable for anything.