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Scrubs are ideal for exfoliating skin, smoothing away dead skin cells, improving clarity, brightening skin and unclogging pores. Select from our choices below and offer your customers an exfoliating scrub as part of your massage package deals. At Source One Beauty we have a scrub for all types of treatments starting from the face to the feet. You may select from among out professional pumice pads or lava rock pumice stones to removes rough and dry skin. Foot files are also ideal in refining rough soles and removing calluses. If looking for a face or body scrubber, then you’ll like our form-fitting exfoliating gloves, available in white and black. Check out all of our skin exfoliates, face brushes, and other scrubs available on the page bellow. Clients expect much more when they come in for a massage; make sure your spa can offer what they expect. 
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